Yulia Peresild moved to the village

Юлия Пересильд переехала в деревню
The actress played beloved rural teachers.

Юлия Пересильд переехала в деревню

Julia Peresild and Alexander Kovtunets

Yulia Peresild in the new military drama “I am a Teacher” by Sergei Mokritsky
has agreed to withdraw, without a second thought. This is the second joint
the work of the actress and Director after the movie “Battle for Sevastopol”.

previous Sergey Mokritsky offered me a million new ideas of acting,
that used to be for me some uncharted territory —
told 7days.ru Yulia Peresild. And in the film “I am a Teacher”
we with Sergey Mokritsky was the challenge to try something new. Steel
to think about what to build the image of my heroine. We decided to make it
angelic creature, without showing any character, just
tired of the fact that we need to adapt to survive. And this
man, a village teacher, Paul Vasili, whom she loved, and with
which is trying to build a family, it is also not like everyone else, this is a very
a touching couple. Sergei Mokritsky always on platform wonderful
the atmosphere, it applies to all with great love and humor. Local
residents of the village Kurskoe in Feodosia, where we were shooting, constantly with us,
Sergey every Pro-life asked, and I was interested in them
to listen to such a fate at all interesting.”

The story takes place during the occupation in the South of the USSR during
The great Patriotic war. In the story the main character, teacher Paul
Teeth, from which city he moved the beloved woman, in occupied by the Germans
the village continues to teach the children General subjects. It
played by Alexander Kovtunets, President of the National program “In the circle
family”, who is also the General producer of the film.

even the Germans, seized his village, he likes, and
naive to think that his family nothing can threaten, but at some
the moment he is a reassessment of values, and he understands that he is ready
to die for the Motherland, — said Kovtunets. — For the filming of this picture I even had to learn
shoot out with a service pistol”.

At the time of filming the film-makers settled in one of the hotels in Feodosiya, a night with a great pleasure walked around the city. But Julia
Peresild, which was filmed in parallel in another project, because
busy schedule to join colleagues could not.

Alexander Kovtunets and Andrey Smolyakov

“And then came
day when we were shooting the final scene of Julia, after which she needs
directly from the site to go to the airport, — says Alexander Kovtunets. But
we were unable to Park the car right outside the hotel, as everything there
space in the Parking lot were occupied. We managed to Park our car
only two blocks from the hotel. But Julia with pleasure walked
these two quarters, rejoicing that at last she had the opportunity
to walk around the city. As we follow Julia, packing her bags.”

The film also played Andrey Smolyakov, Boris Kamorzin and other artists.

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