Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

Holidays on the First channel was the movie “Battle for Sevastopol”, this role has recently brought the actress the “Golden eagle”. Then on the stage Yulia thanked the parents and said Hello to my daughters. On the role of close people in my life Julia rarely confessed, but “Antenna” made an exception.

Recent years have stood out for you fruitful. In addition to the “Battle for Sevastopol” there was a loud projects – “the Executioner”, “Lyudmila Gurchenko”. I have the feeling that you are living in a mad rhythm. The stars aligned or especially yourself?
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

Probably especially. Excruciatingly painful to realize what I could do and did not. Of course, sometimes you want to send.” You know that the play “Bluebeard – hope of women”, where the heroine wants to go into the center of the city, to lie down and sleep. To sleep, but to be in the center. Can’t say that these dreams do not visit me.

But the pause?
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

Formally taken. But at that time already head and share many activities with their children. I need to get home too “cooked cereal”, and make it prefer cool, so much so to relax, then the legs don’t drag.

Itself at stealing joy

In your interviews, you say very little about her daughters…
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

Don’t like to bring kids into it. The same applies to social events. Rarely, if it involves charity work, I take them, introduce to our children, just so my daughter understood that there are other people, and not the fact that we are better than them. And the press – rarely. This energy is not needed. Understand how people public, partly owned by mediamira, and I have certain obligations. But my children do not belong to this world. And I would not yet like. Then they themselves will make the choice.

You have changed their appearance?
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

Just recently had a conversation on this topic. Girlfriend said, “Well, as it is today to raise a child when there is no money and nothing?” Said, “it’s Awfully difficult, almost unthinkable. But I will tell you so, and this is absolutely sincere in that moment, when I realized that, in my life there was nothing”. Any material benefits. Just don’t particularly care about it, not like maybe you should. But as soon as I realized I was pregnant, miraculously accumulated, turned into a completely different person. After a certain time has accumulated money for a car, although it was not necessary, and so good. Began to look for another rented apartment, more, although in the past the space in which we live, does not cause me issues. So the children – strong motivation to build a life.

How do you manage to combine raising children with work?
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

A lot of work in the cinema I was only the last two years. And all the time spent in the theater. How do you manage to combine? Of course, a lot of things are missing, certain joy. Stealing first and foremost from itself. So now rarely go to social events. Sometimes, maybe, and I would like, but it is necessary to choose a glamorous party or a night with the kids. Will choose the latter.

What system of education practice?
Юлия Пересильд: «Ирония – она ведь не от большого счастья»

A difficult question. On the one hand, you know: certainly, the education need. With the other books here, not read a lot. Every child is a separate space. Therefore, it’s always a little bit is sitting on a powder keg. I do not want to take children, give them the opportunity to develop. Not in the sense of something to teach. Of course, they go to class, but honestly, sometimes that’s afraid of scary when the children know and can do. Wish they were not indifferent to the world, receptive to change, felt people realized themselves. But I don’t know, can you teach it.

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