Юлия Пересильд рассказала, как борется с болью от ожогов
The actress saved only through the work.

A scene from “Rabbit hole”

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday for Yulia Peresild, who had received severe burns to both legs, was very hard. This morning she was supported by Kirill Serebrennikov at the gate of the Basmanny court, together with colleagues. In the evening, the actress went to the theater to play the next play “Rabbit hole”. This is despite the fact that she has very strong legs.

“The most important medicine for me — scene — wrote Peresild in a personal blog. Yesterday was a terrible day. And I felt awful so much so that until the scene told myself, nothing coming, we had to cancel. Everything you said about it. But I went anyway. 20 minutes before the show was on the table, while the audience entered the hall. While lying, the idea “eats” my brain. Why? Why? For what? Is it worth it to kill yourself, whether it is necessary to someone? Who’ll tell you all “thank you”? And whether to wait for this “thank you” at all? The performance began and after 10 minutes I forgot about everything. About pain, about pain, mental and physical, although our second Director Taras the whole show and stood behind the scenes is generated with the syringe. Everything else is left somewhere far away… Yesterday finally formulate for myself why I can’t live without the stage. This is the only place where I’m not afraid, I understand that something in this stage of life can be changed. A place where I can direct this life in a particular direction. And then ended the play. Came out, and I met my favorite friends gave me a hug, felt, kissed, showered gifts upon! One bouquet had eaten on the road: he was of the fruit. And went home to watch sad dreams after a day that I will remember for a long time!”