Yulia Peresild has come to the aid of his friend

Юлии Пересильд пришла на помощь своей знакомой
During the festival in Sochi, the actress was waiting for an unexpected meeting.

Юлии Пересильд пришла на помощь своей знакомой

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Pleasant meeting in Sochi changed all the plans Yulia Peresild, which arrived on “Kinotavr”
as a member of the jury of the main competition program, and to represent the film Paul
Chukhrai “Cool tango” with his participation. On the walk, the actress accidentally saw
his friend, local resident Hera Aristov. With this girl, which is due to
severe disease moves only in a wheelchair, Peresild
met six months ago at the concert “Life in motion”.

“I was fascinated by it
her intelligence, knowledge of several languages, unlike me, prudence, strength,
incredible voice. Six months all the time it was recalled, wanted
to meet. Knew that the food in Sochi
thought I would cross. And here I go over to Sochi and see my Hera!” —
said Julia.

Юлии Пересильд пришла на помощь своей знакомой

Gera Arkhipov and Yuliya Peresild

Photo: Instagram Yulia Peresild

Yulia Peresild presented at the “Kinotavr” film “Cool tango”

Photo: Philip Goncharov

But after talking
with Hero Peresild was excited even more. She learned that the girl needs
urgent rehabilitation in Moscow, and lacks significant amounts. The actress used all his connections and helped to find her a decent portion of charge during “Kinotavr”.

Recall that
Yulia Peresild for many years engaged in charity work. Her Fund “Galchonok”
support all friends of the actress. Yulia, for example, recently spent his
the part of the government award for the movie “Battle for Sevastopol” on costumes for
a new charity performance of “People and birds”, which premiered in
may at the Theatre of Nations.