Yulia Peresild explained that novels with Mashkov, Mironov and Tsyganov she attributed not just

Юлия Пересильд объяснила, что романы с Машковым, Мироновым и Цыгановым ей приписывали не просто так
The star of the show “Mysterious passion” I am sure that the rumors associated with her unwillingness to talk about his personal life.

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Yulia Peresild admits that her love does not necessarily have to be connected with the wedding.

I know a lot of people for whom marriage is cool
portfolio, — says the actress. But for me the presence of such a portfolio worse than his absence.
Wedding dress — not my dream. And I’m not
to whom to report, from whom gave birth why this man or
why don’t we get together on the star track. The only person with
I am the most honest and hard conversation, I
itself. But believe me, with myself I’ll negotiate.”

Due to the fact that Julia can’t stand her personal life, her
lovers periodically trying to burn all with whom she starred in together
a movie or playing some performances. It is believed that “for her sake” Vladimir Mashkov
had plastic surgery before the movie “the Edge”. This list includes and Yevgeny Mironov, with whom Peresild plays in several performances, and Dmitry Khrustalev,
supported the performance of “Stihotvorenie” and all of the shares of the charitable Fund
Galchonok, which oversees the actress. But the funny story is connected with Yevgeny Tsyganov. There was a time
when the audience was one hundred percent sure that they live together.

“I remember once I
long tried to sleep, yesterday was a tough day, recalls Peresild. — Managed to doze off only under
morning. At 6.40 mobile phone rang. “Julia, good morning. This journalist
so-and-so. Sorry it’s so early, but what can you say about Eugene
Tsyganova?” I screamed, “What? What happened? What’s with Eugene? His children? Road?
Accident? He’s alive?” My screams scared the man who called me that he
hung up. I turned on the computer and saw the news: “Yevgeny Tsyganov left
from a pregnant wife Yulia Peresild”. Only? Alive! What happiness! And the reason
was that someone started a rumor that after the movie “Battle for
Sevastopol” we Zhenya started. Well, that’s stupid.”

After a few days Julia had a birthday, Tsyganov called with congratulations. “Zhen, I don’t
understand, where are you? — presented his claim Peresild. — Write here, I’m gone, and they did not come”…

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