Yulia Peresild at night wrote limericks

Юлия Пересильд по ночам пишет частушки
The actress knows how to prepare the best holiday for children.

Юлия Пересильд по ночам пишет частушки

Yulia Peresild

Photo: Irina Shchelkunova

Юлия Пересильд по ночам пишет частушки

Yulia Peresild , Dmitry Khrustalev, Lyanka Grau

Photo: Irina Shchelkunova

Actress Julia Peresild is back from vacation and the first thing was preparing the children’s holiday. But not for her own two daughters, and for hundreds of wards of the charity Fund Galchonok”, which helps kids with lesions of the Central nervous system. “Our program is an inclusive festival “Halofest-2016″ is so saturated that we have to work around the clock,” — said 7days.ru Julia. Along with fellow actors she is, among other things, learning funny poems and limericks writes: “Here this night sent me a funny ditty for our event Alisa Grebenshchikova…”

Among the participants of the festival, which will take place on August 28 in the garden of “Hermitage”, and will be the star of the Latin American TV series Natalia Oreiro. However, in absentia. “In the spring we with the photographer Sergey Bermeniev conceived the project “People and Birds”, which stars theatre,
movies and sports are imprinted with a symbol of our Fund — Galchenko — told Peresild. — At the close of MIFF I saw Oreiro and thought, “what if we invite her to our project?” Approached Natalia, explained the situation, little hope for success. And she smiled… and agreed. Half an hour later Natalia already removed from our toy Galchenko without it!”

The Participants Of Galatista 2016″

Photo: Irina Shchelkunova

“Galatista-2016″ will take part a constellation of artists: Dmitry Khrustalev, Yuliya Snigir,
Lyanka Grau, Peter nalitch… Together with the guests and care of the Fund they will have fun, make crafts, sing and dance. At the Academy circus of joy” children will learn magic tricks together
with clowns will try to give an idea, at the art Studio — create a mock Bank card
the individual design. And ‘Tea—Extraordinary” under
Yulia Peresild children and
parents together with famous actors will learn tongue twisters, poems, listening to fairy tales and drinking tea from a samovar with sweets.

For the first time in Halofest” will be an open Studio – and radio company “Hubbub”,
in which everyone will be able to give an interview and listen to star
participants of the festival. By the end of the festival will be a big musical concert with the participation of Peter Nalich, of Alexander Pushnoy, Tina Kuznetsova, the art group “Maideleh”, group “Fire Granny” and other well-known artists. All funds raised at the festival will focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of children — wards of Fund.

guests can also participate in master classes at antigravity yoga
to practice with the masters workout and preworkout and become familiar with sledge hockey, visit the “House of health” that will teach the basics first
help to make a wood toy with their hands in carpentry, and in the tent “Rescue of intelligence” — to get skills of actions in extreme situations. And, of course, in the event a special relaxation areas you can lie on the grass with the dogs-therapists.

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