Yulia Peresild: “Alexey Uchitel – the father of my children”

Юлия Пересильд: «Алексей Учитель – отец моих детей» Long time actress and Director hid the relationship, although the press has repeatedly appeared information about the affair. For the first time, Yulia Peresild has officially stated that her daughters were born of Alexei Uchitel.
Юлия Пересильд: «Алексей Учитель – отец моих детей»

Famous actress and member of the Board of Trustees of the charitable Fund “Galchonok” Yulia Peresild rarely tells reporters about his personal life. However, over an extended period of time in the media it was reported that the woman is in a romantic relationship with film Director Alexei Uchitel. In September of this year they were seen together at a school meeting 8-year-old daughter Yulia Ani. Also, the movie stars growing up is another heiress. Junior Mary recently turned five years old.

Recently, the Network appeared rumors about the affair Peresild with influential businessman Roman Abramovich, who divorced Daria Zhukova. According to star of the film “Rabbit hole”, it did not care about the gossip, and a businessman of their back a long way. However, in order to stop this kind of talk, Julia made an official statement.

“The father of my children – Alexey Uchitel. In line at the store must have seen. I really don’t know when and in what store. But sometimes I stand in queues, Yes. I do mistress. Stocks are doing. I’m a Rat horoscope. Cereal stock up and everything is not spoiled. In my house you can find what you want… And of course, Alex is a good father who cares about the daughters. I really hate to talk about my personal life. Sometimes colleagues get married, get married and then spread it all on the cover. And if people close to me, I think, “aw, mommy! Why did you do it?” – shared Peresild with Marie Claire.
Юлия Пересильд: «Алексей Учитель – отец моих детей»

According to the actress, she never competed for movie roles and for men, as it believes that it is meaningless. Peresild great builds friendships with the opposite sex, and explains particularly persistent suitors, why should not win.

“If I’m man fall in love, it happens immediately. But often these love lead nowhere. For various reasons, but it is always new,” said Julia.

Peresild doted in their heirs. According to the actress, daughter more like her than his father. Nevertheless, Masha and Ani completely different characters.

Юлия Пересильд: «Алексей Учитель – отец моих детей»“One girl-the girl in pink ruffles, and the other tells everyone that her mother was a soldier, and sings about the “POPs-the battalion commander”. Where she heard this, don’t know. One child grew up in the film “the Edge” – I was pregnant with Anka. And Maria was four months old when I started acting in “Battle for Sevastopol”. All her childhood was spent in war, and now she’s going to cadet school. But I would like his daughters to follow in a creative environment,” said the movie star.

Read the full exclusive interview with Yulia Peresild anniversary in the October issue of Marie Claire magazine and on the website.