Yulia Nachalova struggling with tumors

Юлия Началова борется с опухолями

As reports the edition Days.Ru, a famous Russian singer Julia Nachalova suffers from tumors on his hands. The artist often hides its brush for the gloves, but this time she couldn’t hide the growths and reporters captured them.

Юлия Началова борется с опухолями
Cones, Besobrasova hands beauty, appeared about a year ago. What it is and why Julia hasn’t got rid of them, interested in not only the environment Nachalovo, it and its fans. The journalists contacted the surgeon to determine what kind of tumor are.

“Most likely, the girl developed hygroma, the people call them simply cones. The performer can injure these seals, and this, in turn, will lead to unpleasant consequences. Besides hygroma grow can put pressure on nerve endings,” suggested the doctor.
The press service of Nachalovo was not surprised by this question, but the order annoyed because lately it too often to ask.
“Yulia just inflamed joints, she has gout. The disease first manifests itself, but for some reason now all began to discuss all sorts of hands Julia. Nothing serious, not worth it to escalate. Now the actress is sat on a severe diet, helps to eliminate uric acid from the body and getting rid of the tumor,” said the press service.