Юлия Началова шокировала отца своим поступком

The news about the separation of singer Yulia Nachalova and its civil husband Alexander Frolov was a surprise not only to fans, but also for the loved ones. So, father, artist Victor was shocked by this turn of events, especially since he learned the news personally from her daughter, and, like all of us, via her microblog.

“I learned about the parting of Julia and Sasha from the Internet and surprised as you. It seemed to me that they are all well, and Julia never told me about any problems. My wife Taseski prefer never to interfere in the personal lives of children, they’re adults!” — commented on the news about the breakup of the daughter of Viktor.
A potential son-in-law was very fond of him, but because he was a little bitter that things are not the best way.
“I confess that I think Sasha is very nice and friendly guy. I liked it very much. We rarely saw him, all the more because of his employment, but all our meetings were remembered with warmth. Between them Julia happened, I really don’t know,” evasively said the father of Nachalovo.
By the way Yulia, to distract myself from sad thoughts, went to Israel, where from time to time to share photos.