Yulia Nachalova severed relations with the civil husband

Юлия Началова разорвала отношения с гражданским мужем Star personally told the fans that broke up with Alexander Frolov. According to the singer she decided to take this action, because they do not want to be around their families any gossip. Along with the man Julia lived for four years.

      Russian singer / actress Yulia Nachalova told fans that she broke off her relationship with her civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov. With male star lived for four years. The couple was not officially married, so when they are not threatened separation property division. Julia decided to personally explain the situation on his page in the social network.

      “My dear friends and fans. I want to make to you a public statement. Alexander Frolov are no longer a couple! And I absolutely do not want to comment on the reasons for the separation, but in order to avoid all sorts of gossip and rumors, I’m telling you about this very openly. You deserve it. Life is beautiful and amazing and everything that God does – all the better,” said Nachalova.

      Recall that by Alexander Frolov Yulia Nachalova met during one of his visits to the United States. The athlete hit a woman with their courage and care. A show where Julia told me that was not ready for a fateful meeting with her future lover. “When I met with him, I felt bad. I worked 6 days a week. Came to 11-12 in the morning and left at 10 PM. We had one day off – Sunday. Here called Russian friends and called the restaurant. I came without makeup and with a ponytail. I was not ready to be Dating. And there was Sasha,” recalled Nachalova.

      Subsequently, Julia filed for divorce with her first husband, Jevgenijs Aldonina, from whom she has a daughter Vera. The successor artist has embraced the appearance of a new man. She began to call him “Prince mom.” Nachalova was in no hurry to marry Frolova, because, according to her, has already managed to experience all the pros and cons of family life.

      “I’ve been married twice officially, but in neither of those two marriages didn’t feel as happy as now. Sasha does for me as much as did before him, no one else. I am absolutely happy,” said the singer recently. Fans of the star wondering what is it that has destroyed this idyll.