Yulia Nachalova parted with the civil husband

Юлия Началова рассталась с гражданским мужем

Singer Julia Nachalova starts life with a clean slate. Popular artist announced the severance of relations with Alexander Frolov, with whom he lived for several years in a civil marriage. In order to avoid rumors and speculation, Nachalova decided to tell first, and on his page on the social network wrote how things really are.

“My dear friends and fans. I want to make to you a public statement. Alexander Frolov are no longer a couple! I don’t want to comment on the reasons for the separation, but in order to avoid any rumors, I’m telling you about this very openly. You deserve it. Life is beautiful and amazing. That God does all for the best.. 🙌 ” wrote Nachalova Instagram.
Since officially, Julia and Alexander had not been painted, then their parting came together to collect suitcases. Earlier Nachalova has been twice married and divorced, and has repeatedly stated that formal marriage is not for her.
Introduction to Alexander occurred in America in the company of mutual friends. Then Julia was still married with Evgeny Aldonin. Frolov won her tenderness and care, and she went to Moscow’s divorcing her husband. However, for the next man she married was not going to.
“It was important to get married at 19 and 25 years. Now and so happy with everything,” said Nachalova recently. What are the reasons they broke up, we can only guess.