Юлия Началова возмущена обвинениями в алкоголизме The actress intends to fight for their rights. Yulia Nachalova strongly disagree with the fact that it wants to deprive a driver’s license. To help the young woman came to her ex-husband Yevgeny Aldonin, who are concerned with the current situation.

In December 2017, Yulia Nachalova was at the center of the scandal. A young woman was stopped by employees of traffic police who asked her to pass survey on an alcohol content in the blood. The actress refused to do it, later explaining that she was just scared to get out of the car when it was surrounded by unfamiliar men.

Recently it became known that the singer was allegedly banned from driving. “StarHit” contacted a representative of Nachalovo, which has denied this information.

“Held the world court, which ruled that Julia can be disenfranchised at some period of time, not now, but after all the court sessions. It can also be ordered to pay a fine of 30 thousand rubles. However, this does not mean that Julia was drunk behind the wheel. The court made this decision only on the basis of the fact that she refused to be examined”, – said the representative of the singer.

According to the PR Director actress Anna Isaeva, Nachalova intends to challenge the decision of the court as the representatives of the traffic police failed to provide plausible evidence that she was in a state of alcoholic intoxication. Now Yulia continues to drive the car, because at the moment it has not been deprived of the rights. Such a decision can be made only after all the trials.

This scandalous situation was of concern and the former husband of the singer player Yevgeny Aldonin. Close friends of the athlete noted that he is trying to help Julia by the Council, worrying that the courts will affect not only reputation of his ex-wife, but also on the General well-being of their daughter.

She Nachalova sure that the traffic police had no right to distribute the video with her participation in the media. That is why the young woman intends to involve employees of the traffic police responsible.

“The reputation of the actress Yulia Nachalova was dealt a huge blow. It was immediately dubbed almost an alcoholic and a drug addict, although this is an absolute lie. Julia works with two years, sings and performs, she has no time and desire to put away the alcohol. So in the coming days, the lawyers of Yulia will look for ways to restore the perfect image of Nachalovo as an artist”, – said PR-Director of the singer.

Yulia Nachalova trying not to comment on this scandal. A young woman confident in her position and hopes that justice will eventually prevail.