Yulia Nachalova found happiness after a breakup with her boyfriend

Юлия Началова обрела счастье после разрыва с гражданским мужем The singer has written in the microblog about their emotions. Just a few days ago Russian singer told his followers that has officially separated from her husband by Alexander Frolov. Now Yulia Nachalova lives for today and hopes for a good future.

      Earlier in the week Julia Nachalova told the fans about the breakup with the civil spouse. Fans even could not imagine that the singer will break up with hockey player Alexander Frolov, with whom she formed the perfect relationship. Many were convinced that they did not go to the Registrar only because the two previous marriage actress stopped her from doing so. However, they believed that it will happen.

      Currently Nachalova continues to do his creative work, and foster daughter Faith. Recall that Julia gave birth to the heir, being married to a footballer Jevgenijs Aldonina. On his page in the social network, the actress made it clear to his followers that it is all right, and it set up very positively.

      Yulia Nachalova severed relations with the civil husband

      “I don’t know what will happen tomorrow! My job is to be happy today!” the singer wrote in the microblog.

      35-year-old mother was accompanied by a recording of photography, which is liked by the followers. They said that Yulia looks good. Many have begun to Express their support, to try to give the right advice, and even share experiences, which, according to some users, it should help Nachalovo correct to look at the events.

      Subscribers reacted to the singer’s idea of happiness. Among her fans, there were those who said that the most important thing is health and the other problems will solve themselves. Someone wished Julia to find harmony with myself and begin a new phase of life, no matter how difficult she was. Otherwise, I guess the followers, the problems of the singer with a man can affect his daughter, the fate of which fans are also worried.

      “Anything can happen. You need to enjoy every moment today and for all that there is to be thankful for!”, “The most important thing is health, and it is you have, thank God, is. You have a beautiful child and family. More be with them. And you will not notice as you sneak up happiness. And when the show is repulsive!”, “Let the happiness and the feeling of it in ourselves, not leave you never!” – I wrote to subscribers in Instagram.

      Recall that the first meeting of Julia and Nachalovo Alexander Frolov took place six years ago. They met in the USA at the moment, when the singer was still married to Jevgenijs Aldonina. Soon after, she filed for divorce and after some time started Dating a new young man. After a few years they began to live together, fans could not get enough of happiness artist. Even the daughter of Nachalovo well reacted to the appearance in their family to another man, calling Eugene “Prince mom.” But in the end, Julia decided to end the relationship without telling the public the reasons for such developments.