Yulia Nachalova disappoint fans of the plump figure

Юлия Началова разочаровала фанатов располневшей фигурой
The artist criticized the Network for the gained weight

Юлия Началова разочаровала фанатов располневшей фигурой

Yulia Nachalova, Oskar Kuchera and Julia Mikhalchik

Photo: @yuliya_mikhalchik Instagram Yulia Mikhalchik

The last published online Yulia Nachalova picture looks much larger than she was used to seeing fans. Photo changed artist posted in social networks Yulia Mikhalchik, who hooked up with a colleague on the set of “the Stars aligned”. Fans after the publication struck Nachalova criticism: “What happened to Julia? Urgently needs to go on a diet”, “How launched Nachalova…”, “Wow, she got fat! I can’t believe this is our Julia”, “Corroded or health problems?”

One would assume that the extra weight “appeared” Yulia because of an unfortunate angle, however, critics found footage of her recent performances, where Nachalova really looks not so slim as before.

Julia Nachalova

Photo: Social Networks

Curiously, a year ago, Yulia, on the contrary, was blamed for overly emaciated figure. Shortly after her breakup with hockey player Alexander Frolov in a Network there was much discussion of possible anorexia of the singer, which once again proves that haters will find any excuse to criticize the stars in the Network. Detractors are not shy to Express their point of view in social networks, discussing in detail every step of artists. By the way, recently it became known that Julia was engaged in writing his memoirs. The artist intends to tell the truth about his novels and the world of show business.