Yulia Nachalova deprives the daughter of free time

Юлия Началова лишает дочку свободного времени The singer is glad that Faith is in different sections. Yulia Nachalova sees the desire of the child to be creative. The artist tries as much time to spend with his heir, and puts all things in order to take and collect her from school.
Юлия Началова лишает дочку свободного времени

Singer Julia Nachalova has a 11-year-old daughter Faith, who was born the artist is married to footballer Jevgenijs Aldonina. Celebrity dreams for her successor received the best education and monitors its estimates. Despite the fact that she does not scold the child for bad marks, Faith knows that in their family not to be a C student. Yulia tries to be a good mother and growing Faith, given her interests.

“I found my daughter’s approach, and I think my method very effective. I download Faith lessons on the extent of her powers and forces her very much. I went through all of that — these music schools, dancing, drama groups, vocal in nemerenoe number. I understand her, talk to her about these topics, saying the same as she did a lot of that I understand how difficult it was for her that I support her. I think that’s as it should be, not “Let’s go! Ah, you’re ignorant!”. This does not work, it only causes the child’s protest,” admitted Nachalova.

The singer admitted that he is already preparing for teenage daughters. Now she always listens carefully to the view of Faith and corrects some views on life, but so as not to suppress the identity of a girl who is just being formed. Even if the heir decides to radically change the appearance, Julia will not protest.

“I would first supported, then sobered. I think that with it would go to the clinic for a consultation. Let the surgeon tell you how it is what it is, what are the risks and consequences. By the way, Faith is very serious about their health. When she gets sick, forgets to gargle remembers at what time what medicine you need to drink. I guess she gets that from dad, because athletes look after their health”, – admitted the singer.

Artist tries to hold Faith as much time as possible. Julia puts all their business in order to take and pick up daughter from school. She’s glad for every day they have time to talk and exchange views. Nachalova also grateful to the former spouse for the fact that he also takes an active part in the life of the daughter. The singer admitted in an interview with Letidor that Eugene often call the successor and calls to visit.