Юлия Началова решила удалить последнее напоминание об Александре Фролове
The singer wants to get a tattoo with the initials of a former lover.

Julia Nachalova

Photo: Philip Goncharov

At the end of the year it became known that Yulia Nachalova and Alexander
Frolov broke up. Singer mail sent ex-lover to America all things
to nothing nothing about it resembled. But Frolov is dedicated to the tattoo made on the wrist, remained. First, the singer decided to alter the tattoo,
writing something or making a pattern. But now Julia intends to take the tattoo entirely.

The singer is not talking about the reasons for parting with her lover. It
just said about breaking up with Alexandrov as fact through social
network. “My dear friends and fans.
I want to make to you a public statement. Alexander Frolov is no longer
are a couple!” — admitted Nachalova. That was the reason for the sudden
breaking up with someone Julia did not spread. “I absolutely do not want
to comment on the reasons for the separation, but in order to avoid all sorts of gossip and
rumors, I tell you about this very openly…” she added.

As Julia and Alexander never came to the Registrar’s office,
the official divorce will not follow. Novel Nachalovo and Frolov began in 2011
year. When the singer was married to Jevgenijs Aldonina.
Fateful meeting occurred in the United States and immediately on returning home Julia has filed
for a divorce from her husband. However, to walk down the aisle again in no hurry. She
words, by the time the meeting with Alexander she had enough in the marriage. Julia
was pleased, as was her relationship with Frolov and without a stamp in