Yulia Nachalova commented on the traffic scandal

Юлия Началова прокомментировала дорожный скандал
The singer explained why he refused to pass an alcohol examination.

Julia Nachalova

Yulia Nachalova explained why he refused to be
examination of alcohol after she was stopped by the traffic police. At
the singer said that she “got scared seven men” crowding around her car.
Since it was night, the star decided not to risk and not to leave the car.

nights I’m with the guys not go anywhere,” commented Julia what happened with her road rage incident channel “Moscow-24”. The singer also said that for several years
drink alcohol. “I have the gout, when
this disease alcohol is strictly forbidden, I even food need to be
careful,” — said the artist.

Recall, late last night the singer was detained outfit traffic police.
Allegedly, the actress was acting suspiciously on the road, namely, car
the wheel which was Nachalova, “moved by a strange path.” What
She was stopped by police. The singer on camera
refused to pass medical survey. She gave a denial to all
possible inspections, which in itself threatens Nachalovo deprivation
a driver’s license. Fans, upon learning of the incident, was divided in opinion. Some believe,
that too would be scared being in a similar situation, while others believe that the position
stars stems from the fact that she could actually be drunk, although
no evidence of this.