Yulia Nachalova broke up with a hockey player.

Юлия Началова рассталась с хоккеистом

On the rupture with Alexander Frolov singer Julia Nachalova said on his page on the network “Instagram”.

Something strange is happening in the domestic world of show business. Maybe all the fault of the fall and high atmospheric pressure, but the list of high-profile divorce, the star of the collections is growing by leaps and bounds. Last week the intention to leave the men said Tatiana Bulanova and Alyona Apina. Today they were joined by another Russian singer Julia Nachalova.

That their relationship with hockey player Alexander Frolov came to an end, the actress wrote on his page in Instagram. “My dear friends and fans, – says the singer. — I want to make to you a public statement. Alexander Frolov are no longer a couple! And I absolutely do not want to comment on the reasons for the separation, but in order to avoid any rumors, I’m telling you about this very openly. You deserve it. Life is beautiful and amazing. And everything that God does is for the best…” For subscribers the news sounded like thunder from a clear sky. Nachalova and Frolov was considered to be an exemplary couple. Always together, always close. Besides Alexander quickly found common language with her daughter Julia from her marriage with Evgeny Aldonin Faith. “He at once found the daughter approach – lover boasted in an interview Nachalova. — Both – the Dog on the Chinese calendar, I think it also played a role. Her husband treats her as his own child.” Despite the fact that in the conversation with journalists Yulia called Frolova with her husband, their relationship for five years, they never legalized. So the separation will take place without litigation and division of property.

Recall that, Nachalova was married twice: in the early 2000s for singer Dmitry Lansky (divorced in 2004), from 2006 to 2011 – for a footballer Jevgenijs Aldonin (in 2006, the couple had a daughter Vera). Julia has mentioned many times his ability to maintain a normal relationship with the ex even after a breakup. Especially when it comes to children. “I’m not one of those who after a divorce sets the child against the other parent, says Julia. — The more that Eugene Faith loves. Comes up with something new at every meeting. Recently they were flying in aerotrube. Daughter delighted. Regularly share with them photos of their daughter, talk about her successes. In General, we have our finger on the pulse. We have in this question there is no conflict. And this is my contribution. I smoothed out the corners. If we hadn’t taken certain steps, it would have been otherwise. And it cost me nerves, the gap has experienced within himself.”