Yulia Nachalova became a media personality in America

Юлия Началова стала теледивой в Америке The singer was invited to work leading one of the channels of Los Angeles. Yulia Nachalova will keep the show about the American stars with Russian roots.

      Юлия Началова стала теледивой в Америке

      Famous singer Yulia Nachalova, which has a lot of fans in Russia now intends to achieve recognition overseas of the public. She received an invitation to become the leading on one of the channels of Los Angeles. The star will become the leading show “Our people in Hollywood”, the program will tell the story of overseas celebrities with Russian roots. According to Yulia Nachalova, she was flattered by the invitation and with great joy and inspiration starting a career on American television. The guest singer will become top actors from the Hollywood hills. As you know, American movie stars, having Russian roots, quite a lot. Grandmother of Leonardo DiCaprio, for example, called Elena Smirnova, Russian roots, the star of “the Fifth element Mila Jovovich and actor David Duchovny.

      We will remind that Yulia Nachalova moved to live in America in the early spring of this year. Here at her civil husband, hockey player Alexander Frolov is a mansion located practically on the shore of the ocean. Recently, Yulia Nachalova spoils of followers of a microblog gorgeous views of Los Angeles and coastal landscapes. However, Nachalova moved to another continent, leaving time in Russia, daughter Faith, not for the beautiful photo and lives in a beautiful mansion. Star rushed to America for the sake of continuing a career in show business. The fact that the singer recently working closely with a famous American producer of Russian descent by Walter Afanasiev. A businessman residing in the city of Angels often visited to Russia.

      Recently, he was one of the mentors in the musical show “Main stage”. And now Yulia Nachalova plans to create under the guidance of this producer. Local recording Studio has become a second home for the singer. By the way, the clip joint Nachalova and Afanasyeva for the song “Wait for me”, starring the singer’s daughter Faith has already been in rotation. “I thought I was just going to accompany Julia on the piano. And it turned out to be a duet. For me it was a surprise,” admitted “StarHit” Walter.

      But energetic Yulia Nachalova decided not to focus only on the singing career, and now will try not to miss the chance to Express myself as a professional TV presenter.

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