Юлия Началова призналась, из-за чего у нее обострилась болезнь According to Yulia Nachalova, heavy touring schedule greatly undermined her health, that for a long time she was suffering from gout. The singer believes that she had to draw on health problems to avoid progression of the disease.
Юлия Началова призналась, из-за чего у нее обострилась болезнь

A few years singer Julia Nachalova was trying not to show that she has serious health problems. However, when the changes became visible to the naked eye, the artist no longer hide the illness: she’s suffering from gout. In crucial times, her hands were knobby. Gout was diagnosed about five years ago.

“Since then, the disease manifests itself in different ways. Occasional aggravation: the joints in the hands and feet start growing. Of course, she is experiencing discomfort. After all, a public person, all the time”, – said in the entourage of the artist.

Nachalova she believes that little has launched the situation, because sometimes not have time to fully vosstanovite health due to busy work schedule.

“I can perceive. But, faced with health problems. About it have less to say when I opened the curtain. I’m a person and like everything hurt. Over the years career I had a huge amount of flights, not really a proper diet and sleep. All affects the health. Nothing supernatural in this. I was among people who, noticing the problem, they say, “Okay, then. Now once”. This later led to complications,” said Nachalova.

For many years the star tried to keep my figure slim. Nachalova tried many different diets, but recently decided not to experiment with looks. “Not going to amaze with their parameters, to match some patterns. Yes, work public people dictates certain rules. You need to be a little thinner, because the camera adds weight. But I do know this: if you begin to torment yourself diets, it will affect health. So don’t get hung up. What’s the difference who will win the arrows on the scales? You will not find supermega if you weigh the reference number of pounds. Your body should be treated with respect, in time to go to the doctors and take care of yourself”, – says Nachalova.

Now she’s happily in a relationship with a new lover. She likes that Vyacheslav nothing to do with the world of professional sports: he was a judge. Prior to this, Julia was living with footballer Jevgenijs Aldonina and hockey player Alexander Frolov.

Julia Nachalova: “Done with the athletes”

“We met at my concert. It is interesting and a very busy man. I respect people who don’t go and hang out, and try to go forward. It is too early to say that between us. We meet, we talk. Events not in a hurry. Let’s see what will happen next,” said Julia in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.