Юлия Началова призналась, что запустила опасную болезнь
The singer told, how to cope with an incurable illness.

Julia Nachalova

37-year-old Yulia Nachalova told in detail about their illness.
As you know, several years ago, the singer learned that she had gout. History about how has evolved
her illness, the actress shared with Elena Malysheva, becoming the guest of the program “Live
great!” Of the first channel. The star admitted that could avoid serious
health problems if I was more attentive to himself.

“I experienced this eight years ago, but was postponed
treatment for later. My fault that lasted up to that period that has become
it is impossible to tolerate,” admitted Nachalova. According to the singer, her disease
became migratory, and pain can occur in any joint of her body. To
unfortunately, this autoimmune disease is incurable, but thanks to therapy,
the condition may improve. What happened with the star. Now the singer has already
knows how to stop the pain during attacks.

Recall that since, like Julia, was diagnosed with
gout, she is forced to appear in public only with gloves, because
hands artist knobby, which was the result of complications from
disease. But now, increasingly, Julia publishes video and photos, which has
demonstrates their hands. Some of the subscribers to its microblog frankly shocking
their appearance.

By the way,
disease Nachalovo was actively discussed after the star was
the defendant in the traffic scandal, the consequences of which were avoided due to
the diagnosis of the singer. The actress explained the reasons of refusal
medosvidetelstvovanie the fact that because of the disease for several years
appropriate diet excludes the consumption of alcoholic beverages. “I
gout, in this disease alcohol is strictly forbidden to me with the food
you need to be careful,” said Nachalova.