Юлия Началова о подагре: «Сама виновата, что дотянула» For several years the artist is struggling with serious disease. As told Nachalova, she put a lot of effort it became easier. But now hands the singer hides under gloves.

The heroine of the next episode “Live healthy” was Julia Nachalova. The singer frankly told Helen malyshevoy as suffering from gout. During the presence in the Studio, the artist hid his hands, disfigured by disease, under the lace gloves. She refused to remove them even at the request of the presenter.

“The first time I experienced this eight years ago. But due to the fact that I’ve left it too late. In principle, I am guilty that have lasted until this period that it became impossible to endure. I called migratory gout: it is where want, there and there”, – said the artist about the disease.

To fix the problem, Nachalova was addressed to Russian and foreign doctors. “I was treated in different countries, and it took a very long time. Selection of therapy was very long, so I felt like now was controlling his condition and knew if he than repay the pain,” shared the actress.

Experts say that over time, every patient begin to appear gigray, they adversely affect the nerve endings. The media wrote that gout can start at Nachalovo because of renal dysfunction after an unsuccessful operation for breast augmentation. Then the implants got infected and went septic. “I almost died, but in time I pumped and put on his feet. Now I’m extremely attentive to their own health,” said Julia.

Experts believe that there are a number of methods that will help to improve her condition. “Your kidneys are not working and display an insufficient amount of uric acid. First of all, you need to remove the inflammation and cleanse the body. One diet is not enough. Sometimes people have to take medication over the years. In advanced cases of salt is removed using the procedure of blood purification – plasmapheresis. It can be held every six months”, – told “StarHit” rheumatologist Natalia Sokolova.