Юлия Михалкова поддержала сборную Россию по футболу оригинальным способом
The star of “Ural dumplings” will thank the fans of living a “commodity”.

Yulia Mikhalkov

Yulia Mikhalkov
figured out how to support our players before the World Cup, which opens in Moscow on June 14. The actress has announced a competition among
subscribers personal microblog on the fervent chants for the Russian
team. The winner will get a gift — a kitten. The star of “Ural dumplings”
launched this competition, and with the goal to give the furry kids,
which gave birth to the favorite artist — Murka.

“Let’s help team
Of Russia on football! — Mikhalkov has addressed to fans. — Came to
mom, look – a full house of kittens. Turned out to be, darling Murka was delivered, gave
fluffy handsome eyes smart, smooth fur. Age of 2 months. I cats
love, but in moderation. Decided to give out good people. You! If you want to become
the owner of happiness, offered to participate in a creative super-contest!
Three weeks before the world Cup — time to support our team! Friends, think
chants of a cheerleader with the word “Kitten, cat, kotochik, a fat cat” and the word
“Russia”! Options take to 9-00 on may 28. And yet, my friends! Offer
relevant only for the inhabitants of Yekaterinburg, because to send Mail kittens
Russia in another city — is inhumane! Well, who wants a kitten Mikhalkova? Who
most of all loves football. Let’s go!”

four-legged Pets has long been to many of the stars of tradition. The artists
parked in good hands as the children of their wards and homeless
Pets. There are also quite exotic. For example, Catherine velichenko in
the time was placed in the good hands of young snails.