Yulia Mikhalkov saved on the road

Yulia Mikhalkov saved on the road
The star of “Ural dumplings” suddenly having problems with the spine.

Yulia Mikhalkov

Photo: Philip Goncharov

The command “the Ural pelmeni” is constantly invited to speak in the different cities. Together with all for that year, “roam” and Julia. The artists have their tour bus, which allows not to waste time and effort on the transitions from station to station with the Luggage and equipment. It would seem, provided
almost everything. But in one of the tours Mikhalkov felt terrible fatigue, she began to have a headache and a bad mood… She decided that the problem of the lack of sleep. In the end, even equipped for sleeping place in the bus
not as comfy as a normal bed at home. The actress has decided that, after returning, seek medical attention. But while there was a tour, decided during a break between concerts to go to local massage parlour to relax.

“You know, there are professionals who are feeling a “pain” point
on your body that can tell us about the state of your body almost
all. This was also a massage therapist, to
which I was, — said Julia. He said that my problems arose from the displacement
vertebra. Gave me a “spree” vertebra — and life is again normal. Now I love to go for a massage. Due to travel I simply have no time to visit the gym.
But massage still try to choose the time and house, and
on the road. Have tried many different types of honey, cupping, Korean, Thai… How
it turned out, regular massage helps me more and the figure to keep in order. So I recommend to all! In one session
in the hands of experienced masters, you can lose up to five pounds of excess weight! And noticeably
reduce belly”.

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