Yulia Mikhalkov has stopped communicating

Юлия Михалкова перестала выходить на связь Phone star has accumulated 50 thousand unread messages. “StarHit” looked into the gadget the star of the show “Ural dumplings and find out why she’s not answering the e-mail and why she’s smart alarm clock.
Юлия Михалкова перестала выходить на связь

Yulia Mikhalkova schedule painted for months forward of the scheduled meetings, rehearsals, filming and talks, she’s quite difficult to find the time to communicate with friends and acquaintances. As it turned out, most of the electronic messages that the artist gets, remain unanswered. “StarHit” could look at the personal phone of a celebrity and find out what secrets she’s hiding from fans and what will never be shown in his microblog.

As a background on your desktop gadget Mikhalkova is a photo of the Russian flag. Julia admits that other options she had not even considered – it is pleasant, opening the phone to see the reminder of the beloved homeland.

“On the splash screen I have a Russian flag – I am a patriot of his country. It is true that the patriot, which is not enough 24 hours in the day – look how many I have unread messages! Probably, given my work schedule, I just retired and open. So wait, dear senders, even 25 years – and I will answer you!” says the star of “Ural dumplings”.
Юлия Михалкова перестала выходить на связь

In the smartphone of Yulia Mikhalkova, you can also find footage of “the working moments” behind the scenes of the popular show. One of the pictures the actress has shared with “StarHit”. “The fans gave us chocolates with a picture of all the “dumplings” now we’re definitely in chocolate!” – joked the star.

Phone beauty is not so many apps. She uses only the Essentials – mail, messenger, notes, and Navigator. In short, for an artist gadget – no more than a working tool. The most frequently used program Mikhalkov considers Sleep Better Runtastic. Thanks to her celebrity watching their health and helps the body to always be in good shape. “It is an application that helps me to sleep better: it calculates the time the alarm phase of sleep” – explained the “dumplings.”