Юлия Михалкова прокомментировала скандал с ее участием
The actress has justified before the aggrieved resident of Ekaterinburg.

Yulia Mikhalkov

Photo: Press service

A few days ago the star of “Ural dumplings” Yulia
Mikhalkov was accused of greed a resident of Ekaterinburg. The woman claims that more than
years ago won at the agricultural fair refrigerator, buy
who allegedly promised to pay the actress. The promised prize from the stars she still
then, not waited.

On Mikhalkov holding a grudge, the woman decided to give
publicity and lit a storm of activity on social networks, which accuses
the actress in the incident.

Yulia Mikhalkov decided to comment on the scandal. “Indeed, last year I was the face of
agricultural fair — shared the actress. — Always support
farmers in our region, so I agreed to participate in the project. Now
I called the sponsor of this fair. I was just the face of the project.
All my “sponsorship” part was simply that I worked in
as the leading entertainment program completely free. This is my
participation in the fair is over. How do leading I handed the certificate
on the refrigerator to the winner. But no agreement that I should
to pay the prize, of course, was not. Believe me, if I gave this
promise, I would have done it”.