Yulia Mikhalkov accused in the brutal deception

Юлию Михалкову обвинили в жестоком обмане The actress was at the center of the scandal. Yulia Mikhalkov has become hostage to the difficult situation: sverdlovchane participating in a local competition, did not receive the promised gift. The woman claims that the money for its purchase was to give the artist. Celebrity has commented on the situation and explained that her fault.

The star of the show “Ural dumplings” is a sought-after leading at events. So, about a year ago, she became the face of the agricultural fair. According to umoristici, she always supports farmers, agreed to participate in this project. One of the main prizes were a refrigerator.

However, the woman who won the technique, your reward still not received. She decided that the injustice to blame Mikhalkov. The winner was immediately publicized the case and has publicly stated that Julia is a gold digger. Offended prize winner demanded actress of payment of the cash amount equal to the value of the gift. But the star doesn’t understand why she needs to give their money.

“I was just the face and Ambassador of the project. All my “sponsorship” part was only that I worked as the leading entertainment program completely free. My participation in the project ended. Really like the face of the fair, I handed over the certificate on the fridge to the winner. But no agreement that I should pay the prize, of course, was not. Believe me, if I gave such a promise, I would certainly have done it – said a celebrity.

The word actress has long been attached to agriculture. Together with the Ural agricultural University, a young woman brought cold-resistant varieties of vegetables. According to celebrity, she decided to help domestic farming. The actress believes that it is now much easier and more relevant to grow fruits and vegetables yourself rather than buying them in stores.

The star itself tries to follow own ideas and cultivates a small garden. In winter the apartment she plants beds of greens and small fruits, and in summer migrates your garden at the dacha. Despite the adverse climatic conditions in the Sverdlovsk region, Yulia manage to get fresh parsley, dill and cilantro. Actress Julia Mikhalkov produced seeds for vegetable garden

It is not known whether “Ravioli” to start their own production to the masses, or take part in farming competitions. But now the beauty often shares in the microblogging photos and videos, which show in the greenhouse or in the garden. The woman admits that the pastime among the plants helps keep it healthy and beautiful.