Yulia Mikhalchik worried about criticism of the son

Юлию Михальчик беспокоит критика сына The singer admitted that the boy doesn’t like it when she sings. Julia Mikhalchik has a three year old heir to Sasha. Despite the fact that many parents hope that the children followed their profession, the graduate of “factory of stars” doesn’t want the kid went in her footsteps.

      Singer Julia Mikhalchik became popular after participating in a music project “Factory of stars-3”, where she took third place. After that, the artist began to perform concerts and earned the love of the audience his voice. Now michalczyk has a three year old son Alexander. Despite the love of millions of fans, the child is not included in the number of admirers of her work.

      “He doesn’t like it when I sing. Even instead of a lullaby asks for a bedtime story to read. The General theme is “mother-a singer” in the family is not pedaliruetsya. I must admit, I would not want to his son to follow in my footsteps, although the sense of rhythm he has. But if Sasha will grow up and decide to be an artist, I want it understood that this proportion is not easy, it takes talent and tremendous perseverance. Every time he went on stage, you have to prove you’re not just. And never to stop: a little stammer — and all Holos. Unfortunately, this is the world of show business”, – says the singer.

      Not so long ago michalczyk broke up with her spouse, businessman Vladimir Goewin. Their wedding took place in 2012. Julia admitted that she was the initiator of the divorce. The former spouses were able to peacefully negotiate about who will live their shared son. The decision was made in favor of michalczyk. The singer does not preclude the child’s father regularly to see him, to participate in his upbringing, and also to support financially.

      Despite the fact that many celebrities divorce is another reason to remind myself in the press, Julia holds a different point of view. She didn’t confide about the causes of the rupture with her husband and didn’t blame him in the disintegration of the family, as do many stars of show business.

      “I understand that publicity is part of her profession. But still consider what happens between two people between them and should stay. I never wanted to speak about me in connection with my personal life: this is living, this divorced, – says the artist in conversation with journalists of the newspaper “Moskovsky Komsomolets”. – I think such fame would never have attracted a full house at the concerts — you want the audience loved you not for gossip, and for your songs, your voice.”