Юлию Меньшову пристыдили за фото без макияжа TV presenter and actress revealed the natural beauty. Julia Menshov went to the stylist to make her a new hairstyle. The artist wanted to show the fans the result of his work, however, fans noticed that on the face of the celebrity was not a single gram of cosmetics.

      Famous TV presenter and actress Julia Menshova decided to show his fans a new haircut. She posted a photo of the beauty salon, however, subscribers microblog celebrity drew attention not only to the perfect hairstyle, but that the artist came to the stylist without makeup. Followers Menshovoj drew attention to the fact that she is not shy about its natural beauty.

      Some subscribers reacted negatively to like the celebrity who used to see her in a completely different way. “Why would you put”, “Julia without make-up better not fotkat!” – expressed his opinion followers. However, fans immediately stood up for the presenter, and hastened to make her compliments.

      “You look great! And sometimes not putting on makeup or just a little and go where you want, is a certain level of freedom and confidence in themselves, so Bravo, Bravo!”, “We are impressed by people who write negative comments. Their business, of course, but surprised. If we do not like people. Or resent the lack of make-up and the fact that Julia can and without it to look smart. You want to ask: “why are you wasting your time commenting on all this, makes nobody look at these pictures, if so upset?” Or maybe just envy. Just like that, trite but true. Good day to all! And more photos without make-up, real, live”, “Julia, fotkat the way you want! You have already achieved so much, love your show, you are so natural and real compared to other celebrities, so you can do everything!” – wrote fans.

      Julia has not taken to heart the accusations of detractors. “And I’m not upset that without make-up do not impress. What is! I want Macapa, you want – no!” – wrote in response to Menchov.

      TV presenter tries to be honest with your followers on social networks, and therefore talks about what is happening in her life. Not so long ago, she started a Grand renovation in your house. Julia admitted that it takes her a lot of strength. However, intermediate results of Menshov from time to time to share with fans.

      “Write once, full of cases. Selfe the more to lay out is terrible. Look so-so. Because the repair! But something nice looking already planned: this is a blue box, for example! Wow, beauty!” – TV presenter wrote in microblogging, posting a photo of the frame.

      Now followers are waiting eagerly, and when Julia shows the completed repair. They do not doubt that a presenter with good taste, chose the custom interior design.