Yulia Menshova said goodbye to illusions about their own family life

Юлия Меньшова простилась с иллюзиями о собственной семейной жизни
The presenter made a Frank admission.

Yulia Menshova with her husband Igor Gordin

Photo: @juliavmenshova Instagram Yulia Menshovoj

Julia Menshov admitted that during a long marriage she has had to radically change notions of romance. The TV star admitted that she now has with her husband, Igor Gordin, this aspect of the relationship is in order, but time passed along life’s journey, the romance was quite unlike anything she ever dreamed of in his youth.

“A long-term relationship has its own romance. When you have 20 years of sailing on this huge ship through the thick waters of life. — wrote Julia. In this journey many things is not such as seemed in his youth, bags of illusions systematically go overboard, but the reality in which you learn to forgive, to have compassion and care — not less romantic…”

Fans agreed with the 47-year-old Menshovoj that in adulthood romance is perceived not as before. “Very true!”, “Better not say…”, “Very accurate words that begin to understand with age and experience…Thanks!” — supported Yulia subscribers.

Recall that family life Menshovoj and Gordin were not always perfect. The couple experienced the last serious crisis in relations, but found the strength to overcome it and reunite again than unwittingly repeated the fate of Yulia parents.