Yulia Menshova has revealed the true reasons for leaving the program “Alone with all”

Юлия Меньшова раскрыла истинные причины ухода из программы «Наедине со всеми» The TV star recalled the difficulties of working on the show. According to Menshovoj, she spent a lot of time to prepare for an interview with the heroes, studying their biographies. Gradually, however, the program ceased to be of interest to the mass audience.
Юлия Меньшова раскрыла истинные причины ухода из программы «Наедине со всеми»

In August this year during a reshuffle on the First channel from the ether removed the transmission “Alone with all”, which was led by Yulia Menshova. In the programme viewers were introduced to the life-stories of famous dancers, actors and singers. Despite the fact that the project was closed, Julia was left without work. She was offered a place on the Saturday talk show, “Tonight.” The first episodes of her participation has shown in September. In one interview a woman explained that she was tired from such a format, as “Alone with all”.

Yulia Menshova has been an unfortunate air of “Tonight”

“I do not know how long to sit in one place and like to change the scope of activities. But the main reason is that we did surround a portrait interview, researched full biography of our guest and is not accessed by actual events from his life. Back to heroes, which I already said was impossible, and our movie-theater-pop industry is developing, alas, not at such a rapid rate that every year, “light the stars”. Not to mention the fact that the viewers of the program “Alone with all” prefer meeting people or adults with life experience. Young stars they are not too occupied,” said Julia.

Claims Menchov, she gave a lot of energy work in the project. Sometimes the shooting of the program took almost 24 hours a day. According to Yulia, she was ready to live in such stress just because she enjoyed her work.

“In the days of filming left early and came back late, very tired. And went to bed. Fell asleep. Helped. But if this work has just exhausted me, not bringing any joy, I would it has not worked,” – said TV presenter.

According to Menshovoj, her work does not interfere with communication with children. Star claims that never missed a high-profile event that occurred in their family, and a number of issues that arose in the upbringing of the heirs could decide on the phone. “They just have to put up with some features on my schedule, but they know I am always available, for example, by telephone. And, if necessary, will solve their problems, even while in another city. I hope they both feel that their interests for me at the first number. As the interests of my parents and husband. Well, our children are not so small, actually. And the husband could replace me in many ways,” said Julia in an interview with “Antenna-Telesem”.