Yulia Menshova has been an unfortunate air of “Tonight”

Юлия Меньшова оправдалась за неудачный эфир «Сегодня вечером» TV presenter admitted that the first edition was very nervous. Yulia Menshova has responded to the criticism in social networks, noting that he saw all my mistakes. Viewers felt that the popular Saturday programme was not so emotional and interesting, which it is.
Юлия Меньшова оправдалась за неудачный эфир «Сегодня вечером»

On the eve on the First channel went on the air has long been loved by viewers of the program “Tonight”. In the new season at the transfer of new, leading – Maxim Galkin and Yulia Menshova. Fans pretty picky watched this release, and not all of them were delighted with what they were offered in Prime time.

In social networks viewers complained about the new hosts, which, in their opinion, has not coped with their tasks. Many agreed that aired on the beginning of the sixth season of “the Voice” turned out to be unsuccessful. Mentor of “the Voice” Pelageya: “this season will be calmer. I’m a mother!”

Yulia Menshova was not to pretend that doesn’t read the comments and thanked all those who criticized her and Maxim Galkin did not hesitate in expressions, and of those who did it delicately. The presenter promised that she and her colleague will consider constructive comments.

“Yes, the first issue was nervous, Maxim has not yet distributed in the space program, there was a lot of emotion, sometimes excessive, I wanted to do, and something we both lacked experience, which definitely will increase with every program! All my own mistakes I saw myself, picked up a pencil and will carry out “homework” – wrote Yulia Menshova in the microblog.

This part of the post, the presenter addressed his devoted fans who criticized her kindly. Detractors also Menshov gave a valuable advice – not to watch on TV what they don’t like.

“I’m sorry I disappoint you, or Maxim you don’t like it, or you never loved us both, sorry that the First for you have fallen “below a plinth”. The good news for you is that you can not watch this program. Yes! It is possible! However, the bad news: we with Maxim will continue to work in her, over her, and himself, despite the fact that it is so unbearably disgusting,” concluded Yulia Menshova.

Fans of the TV presenter was quick to support her. They argue that the air was fine, and no bugs noticed. “Beautiful! Beautifully said detractors, although I have not seen any errors, no cons!”, “Julia, yesterday I watched the program and I liked it. You can see the awkwardness. But it was the awkwardness of two intelligent people, professionals, trying to create a comfortable environment for each other”, “Very wisely said, Julia! Good luck Maxim! You did great!” there are fans Menshovoj in her microblog.