Yulia Menshova has announced the closure of “Alone with all”

Юлия Меньшова объявила о закрытии «Наедине со всеми» TV presenter upset the fans. Yulia Menshova said that the program, in her opinion, becomes routine, but because she’s willing to roll the project. However, she hastened to tell about the positive changes in her career.
Юлия Меньшова объявила о закрытии «Наедине со всеми»

Now the First channel is changing – now the “Let them talk” is Dmitry Borisov, Alexander Oleshko switched to competitors, and the program “While all houses” will disappear from the grid, the new TV season. Today the presenter of the program “Alone with all” Yulia Menshova has announced that it too will cease to appear on the air. She told about it in the microblog.

“Of course I wanted to prolong the suspense, but spread stupid rumors have to break up a little earlier. Yes, it is true, the program “Alone with all” closed. But it is not true that the program was closed guide channel. It was only my desire and urgent request,” – said TV presenter.

Julia said that during the four years in the air team shot 600 rounds. Menchov said that it wasn’t easy, but she was getting real pleasure from working. Its decision to close the program, the presenter explained that he was afraid routine. She hastened to reassure fans of the talk show. However, they expressed dissatisfaction that will not see Yulia in the program.

“Sorry. Thank you for everything. Some of the stars appeared with all differently, than was thought. Thank you for these interesting questions, unreal gifts for everyone, was always interested in what you come up with, Thank you for your professionalism and wonderful program! And for the courage to leave! I’ll wait for you on the screen! Good luck in all!” “I love your program and what a pity that it is closed. There are editions that review several times. Thank you for such a transfer! Good luck and we are waiting for you on the screen with a new project!” wrote frustrated fans.

The presenter assured the fans that soon they will find a surprise – she is currently working on a new program.

“But I’m not going anywhere with the First channel. We agreed on new projects that are currently under development. The professional version is not dissolved and running at full speed. And we hope to see you in the new season, with new forces and new ideas!” – encouraged by Menchov.