Юлии Липницкой предложили работу в ресторане быстрого питания Before it became known that the Olympic champion completed a career. And today Lipnitskaya received a tempting offer – to take a leadership position in the company, working in the restaurant business.
Юлии Липницкой предложили работу в ресторане быстрого питания

19-year-old skater Yulia Lipnitskaya left dreams of a triumphant return to the sport. Mother of the Olympic champion Daniela L. said that her successor retires from professional figure skating. The decision was made back in the spring, when Julia returned from Europe, where he was treated for an eating disorder.

“About your plans to retire Julia informed the leadership of the Federation in April, right after returning from Europe where she underwent a three-month treatment for anorexia,” shared Daniela Leonidovna.

The very next day after the news of the retirement of a large chain of fast food restaurants offered innovative and advanced work. The company wants to give the skater a leadership position.

“We invite you to work in the position of product Director for the product “chicken fillet”. The company is confident that you fully match the values of the new diet Burger chicken breast,” – said in an official letter addressed to the champion.

According to Eurosport, Julia has not responded to this proposal. Care from sports girl also would not comment. At the moment the skater has cancelled a grueling workout and threw a strict diet that kept for a long time. As a result, she has gained weight, which gave rise to rumors of pregnancy. Lipnitskaya said Hayter on these assumptions on the personal page in a social network.

“Like a grown woman, and are complete nonsense… Your life to do not want? And in General, all concerned. I do not have any pregnancies? ASIC conscience. I now that all my life 37 kg weigh to please you? Nahodilas already, enough”, – so reacted to gossip Olympic champion.

Now the girl is engaged in repair: most recently, she received the keys to a posh apartment in the South-West of Moscow. The location of the property she likes, as the nearby forest and lake. Yulia Lipnitskaya became the owner of a luxury apartment in Moscow.