Yulia Lipnitskaya spoke about the struggle with anorexia and his relationship with his own father

Юлия Липницкая заговорила о борьбе с анорексией и отношениях с родным отцом Skater broke a long silence and decided on a candid interview in which I first spoke about the reasons she left the sport. She also dispelled rumors about her relationship with Vyacheslav Lipnickim actively giving interviews to journalists.
Юлия Липницкая заговорила о борьбе с анорексией и отношениях с родным отцом

In late August, the mother of Yulia Lipnitsky said that her daughter has finished her sports career after a struggle with anorexia. The woman also revealed that the athlete was undergoing treatment abroad. The news of the departure of Yulia from skating caused a huge public resonance. Many began proposing a theory why the girl suddenly decided to change the type of activity. Until recently, the EU chose to refrain from making any detailed comments about the current situation. However, recently she broke the silence and gave a candid interview with the only.

In recognition of Yulia, she was going to leave the sport. “That I dedicated not one, not two, and not three months,” said the girl. Before you announce to your colleagues about your decision, skater carefully weighed all the pros and cons. According to Julia, she was undergoing treatment in Israel.

“When winter went to the clinic to be treated, and stayed there for quite a long time, believe me, I have enough time to think about everything. (…) While lying in the clinic, we worked a lot with psychologists, there is a strong psychologists and they helped me to make priorities in life, which related to health, for example. I had to ponder many questions, because I was sure that I will recover and come back to figure skating”, – said the girl.

That all changed after Julia stole the smartphone. Because of this, the athlete remained for a long time without communication with the outside world and seriously consider all that is happening in her life. The skater could purchase a new phone, but didn’t. But then she still decided to spend money on the most simple means of communication to call relatives.

Lipnitskaya admitted that she was frightened at the unknown. At some point the girl even panicked. Yulia’s mother understood her decision and supported in the difficult period. According to Lipnitskaya, she has not achieved everything he wanted in the sport. “But what happened, happened,” – told Julia. She also explained why her plans were not implemented.

“99 percent of health problems. And the rest, of course, already was applied to it. After was announced my diagnosis, I began to write, to ask, why did I do that? But even if I had not said, the information would still be leaked. Anorexia – a disease of the 21st century, it is not uncommon. Unfortunately, it is hard to cope,” – said the athlete.

Julia also admitted that fame was hard for her test. “I’m not a public person. Since childhood I was a very strong introvert,” said the girl. Over time, Lipnitskaya managed to get rid of the clamps and become more sociable. Yulia still rarely gives interviews and attends the transfer.

A long silence skater became the ground for the emergence of a large number of the rumors. So, there was a man who claimed he is the father of Julia. The girl said that he was lying. Lipnitskaya also made it clear that it wants to deal with slander and set out to prove his innocence in court.

The alleged father of Yulia Lipnitskaya is trying to contact her

“According to various transmission roams the man who dares to call himself my father. Question: how do the editors of the channels we permit it? This man is an outright crook. Even if it’s namesake, it is not necessary the solution to fit the answer. To me this man at all has no relation. (…) As for my father, I know who he is and where he lives,” – said Julia.

Now Lipnitskaya chose to focus on school. The girl is actively engaged in the English language with Tutors. Julia prefers not to think ahead because she has not yet decided on a new activity. One thing is clear – Lipnitsky’s not going to work as a coach. At the same time, she believes that to connect his life with sport – another thing is, the website FCCR.