Юлия Липницкая показала, в каких условиях она живет Room the Olympic champion has a plain decoration. Yulia Lipnitskaya is not often lifts the veil of secrecy over his personal life. So fans were pleased to see how the star spends his free time.

      Yulia Lipnitskaya continues to train. Olympic facilities in Sochi are great for working athletes. For several months she lives in the main resort city of the country. Figure skating champion prepares for competitions and rarely shared with fans details his personal life.

      However, recently, the star made an exception and showed how the maiden looks to her own room. Lipnitskaya has published on his page in Instagram the photo of the interior. Housing Yulia is modesty attire. A little reminiscent of that at this point. what a room to yourself is an Olympic champion. Toys, delicate paintings, portraits – all these details can be seen in the picture.

      “Such a cute room, beautiful girl”, “Fairy room! A real Princess”, “Bright, spacious and welcoming”, “wow. Want to live there”, “Beautiful setting”, “This atmospheric and cosy place!” “Perfectly,” wrote Yulia fans.

      Photos published Julia Lipnitskaya (@sunnylipnitskaya) Aug 6 2016 5:16 PDT

      By the way, in Sochi Yulia combines work with leisure. She lives near the sea, so in his spare time has the ability to relax on the beach. Recently Lipnitskaya surprised the fans photo in a bathing suit. New the sports stars, which in June was 18 years old, gave her fans a big impression. It appreciated more than 16 thousand users. Interestingly, most followers immediately noticed the fact that for the last time, Julia is highly postroila.

      Postroynevshaya Yulia Lipnitskaya resting on the sea

      “Lost altogether, “Julia, you are so slim! The man, Julia is now normal slim girl, what are you from it is the skeleton doing? She lost weight very well, I hope that will not continue!”, “Girl, cutie-sestrychka,” wrote attentive fans Lipnitskaya.

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