Yulia Lipnitskaya fears for his life

Юлия Липницкая опасается за свою жизнь Young athlete prefers to live in a hotel. Yulia Lipnitskaya believes that the apartment she will be unsafe. Skater unhappy with the increased attention of unknown people.

      Юлия Липницкая опасается за свою жизнь

      At the end of last year, a young figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya has decided to leave home and went to Sochi. In the new town she had to live on their own, without parents. Besides the fact that she has to take care of, and she worries for their safety. The girl prefers to continue to live in a hotel, where he feels protected.

      “There are a lot of people, as it turns out, are very actively trying to get into my life. Get the address, call. I do not understand how you can so cavalierly invade someone else’s space with complete confidence that they were waiting here. So at this stage, the hotel is more convenient for me in all respects”, – said Julia.

      I must say that two years ago Lipnitskaya became the youngest skater to win the Olympic gold medal in the team competition. After this breakthrough of a young athlete learned the whole country. Now Yulia have to put up with the fact that she became a famous person. And with the move to Sochi, it became more often to learn on the streets.

      “Sometimes a man comes, sees me, and his eyes immediately rounded – said Lipnitskaya. – Realize that it starts immediately to try to remember where I saw it. I in such cases, quickly increase the pitch and very quickly quit.”

      At the beginning of the independent life of Julia had the most to think about their food. She is glad that in Sochi she had the opportunity to have a lot of fruits, vegetables and herbs. But, despite the enhanced training and young age, Julia is still faced with the problem of excess weight. All the efforts were in vain, and she could not get in shape until recently.

      “The problems were in the summer. I tried to lose weight, running and eating, but there was nothing I could do. Used to think that phrase is recovered from the air – it’s just such a turn of speech, but what happened to me, best represent these words. A spoonful of honey in tea put and get pounds top. Sometimes even didn’t understand what was going on. I really thought that all the horrors that tell you about puberty, don’t touch,” recalled Julia in an interview with the newspaper “Sport-Express”.

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