Yulia Lipnitskaya continues to pursue failure

Юлию Липницкую продолжают преследовать неудачи Because of the injury, the athlete skips the selection for the European and world Championships. Colleagues and fans of Julia and wish her not to give up. They sincerely believe that Lipnitskaya will be able to recover and compete in figure skating.

      Recently it was reported that 18-year-old figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya will not be able to participate in the qualifying tournament of championship of Europe and the world. The athlete will have to forget about a career and focus on treatment. Due to injuries the other day, Lipnitskaya will not go to Chelyabinsk to perform at the competitions which will take place from 20 to 25 December.

      Coach young figure skater Alexei Urmanov told journalists that Yulia has damaged the already not very healthy back. The man also said that trouble does not come alone.

      Fans of Yulia Lipnitskaya pray for her health

      “18 Dec, returning from a workout, Yulia fell on a slippery sidewalk and injured hip joint and lower back. The athletes diagnosed with a bruised right hip and post-traumatic arthritis of the Sacro-podsosnogo joint. The nature of the injury precludes Lipnitskaya in the championship of Russia, as the minimum treatment period is 14-17 days. Soon Julia will return to Moscow before the New year will undergo treatment”, – the press-service of Federation of figure skating.

      However, injured athletes does not mean that it finished the season. Lipnitskaya will be able to return to training immediately after the end of the recovery period. How long it will last is still unknown.

      Colleagues and fans of Julia supported her after the incident. According to them, the girl will take part in the championship of Russia, because she was so eager for it.

      In late November, Alexei Urmanov told journalists that Yulia is recovering after a poor performance at the home Grand Prix. The man said that the athlete feels fine and does not feel pain in the foot.

      Previously, Lipnitsky was not able to skate his free program during the home Grand Prix. Due to health problems Yulia had to interrupt the performance. Shortly before the end of the room, the athlete tried to do Axel, but the jump over the fall figure skater. Lipnitskaya was very upset about what happened. She refused any comment to reporters and barely restrained tears. “To be on our street festival. Thank you all…” – Julia later wrote in his microblog.