Yulia Lipnitskaya congratulations on your return to the ice

Юлию Липницкую поздравляют с возвращением на лед The skater and her colleagues found the “Academy of Champions ilinykh-Lipnitskaya”. The school is located in Tver. Fans of Yulia Lipnitskaya has supported her initiative.

After his sports career, Yulia Lipnitskaya decided to try yourself in the role of coach. Olympic champion with her colleagues Maxim Miroshkin and Elena ilinykh will teach children 6-11 years of age the basics of figure skating. Also at the Academy, named after the girls, will be held master-classes. The announcement of the opening of College guys posted on personal pages in social networks.

1 through March 25, will be held on the basis of the GBU “Sports ice complex “Bayou”. The program fees include a daily two-hour on-ice training, physical fitness and choreography six times a week. In addition, all students of the Academy waiting for the theoretical class of games where the explain the theory and technique of figure skating in the form of a game, the basics of teenager psychology and innovations in the rules of figure skating.

Yet Lipnitskaya and her colleagues did not mention the price for training, explaining that all the details they can personally tell the caller the number.

Recall that some time ago Lipnitskaya and Ilyin attended the Grand Prix, which was held recently in Moscow. Julia follows the success of novice skaters. The end of the official career of the Olympic champion shocked many of his colleagues and fans. A back injury and a long struggle with anorexia Lipnitsky was forced to say goodbye to professional sports.

“I want to say thank you to all the fans for the love, for faith, understanding and expectation. I am very glad that there are people who with such warm feelings to me,” Julia thanked all those who supported it.

Colleagues of Yulia, Elena ilinykh and Maxim Miroshkin are masters of sport in pairs skating. A young man stands in a pair of Lina Fedorova. Elena takes part in dancing on ice. Now she rides with Anton Shibnev.