Yulia Kovalchuk sparked the conflict with the fans because of the name of the daughter

У Юлии Ковальчук разгорелся конфликт с фанатами из-за имени дочки
The singer showed the grown up girls.

У Юлии Ковальчук разгорелся конфликт с фанатами из-за имени дочки

The daughter of Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

The daughter of Yulia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov, celebrated for three months, and her parents still kept in secret the name of the girl. With the advent of the couple’s long-awaited baby, they set up rigid boundaries of personal life. Spouses do not show outsiders their daughter and did not disclose any details of the first months of her life. The secrecy fuels the great interest of fans to the daughter of Yulia and Alexei.

Recently, the artist has published a rare photo of the grown baby. In comments to a snapshot more than a hundred people asked Kovalchuk question about the name of the girl. And, if one asked gently, when a couple reveal the secrets of others in the impulse of curiosity moved on to insults. “I do not understand, direct a mystery! Name hiding, well, then why do half of the child to Instagram to spread? And, Yes, advertising”, “Some show-off great people?””What about yourself? Even members of the Royal family in such nonsense are not engaged never,” wrote Yulia fans.

Julia Kovalchuk mother moved to Moscow

Kovalchuk is not the first day uses social networks, therefore, it has been able to put in place detractors. She asked me to close the topic name of her daughter and not to return, making it clear that she sooner or later reveals the secret. “You’re a little tired of the question about the name. It’s our business or not! I propose to close this subject,” answered the malicious attacks Julia.

And for those who are interested in creativity and not the personal life Julia, there’s good news. Soon Kovalchuk will present to the audience new songs, as announced recently in social networks.