Юлию Ковальчук пугает близость с мужем
The singer said that love Alexey Chumakov.

Julia Kovalchuk and Alexei Chumakov

Photo: @juliakovalchuk (Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk)

Alex Chumakov yesterday was 37. Your birthday artist met in Barcelona in the company of close friends and beloved wife Julia Kovalchuk. The singer posted for her husband a touching greeting in social networks. Of course, she said the most important words to her husband personally, and in the microblog has posted a public Declaration of love that others find out about the strengths Chumakov, and at the same time congratulated the birthday celebration.

“Darling, you’re 37, and such men no longer exist! You hate to put everything personal on display, but in your acts and songs feelings more than you can dream of! You’re honest and decent as endangered in the 21st century, and all your/our closest friends are by definition good people, as they are with you!

You are so wise… so much So that it seems in a past life you were a prophet or a Tibetan monk: do you see the future and know about the past! You are close enough that sometimes I get so scared of it… and you’re the best dad! Apparently something in this life I made good, if God sent you to me! Happy birthday, beloved,” wrote Kovalchuk. Alex later through social networks appealed to friends and fans, thanking them for the many congratulations.

Recall that recently, Kovalchuk and Chumakov celebrated the 10th anniversary of his novel. In the past year in their life began a new stage: they became parents. Daughter from the press and fans of the artists while what is hidden. According to the information, the name of the baby will be announced after the ceremony of baptism.