Yulia Kovalchuk congratulated on the birth of a child

Юлию Ковальчук поздравили с рождением ребенка
The singer spoke about his plans for the near future.

Julia Kovalchuk

Photo: @juliakovalchuk Instagram Yulia Kovalchuk

Julia Kovalchuk, despite the confirmation of colleagues, continues to hide what is in an interesting position. The singer previously said that ensures that the boundaries of her personal life are not violated, and now finally put all the questions related to this taboo topic. Star skips all the capital’s social events, and carefully hiding from the paparazzi chasing her. A few days ago in her account appeared on the photo that provoked a wave of rumors that the star has become a mother.

Kovalchuk has published a picture, which showed a slim figure. Aware of “the situation,” Yulia fans immediately decided that the joyful event in the family of the actress has already happened. “Where’s the belly? It is already possible to congratulate the happy parents? Your baby’s health!” — wrote the star. However, it soon became clear that Julia has shared a photo taken before pregnancy.

The only person to comment on the future replenishment of the family of Yulia, was her colleague at the “School of success Kovalchuk” Irina Turchinskaya. In July of this year, she let slip that, of course, in the course of pregnancy, the singer and insanely happy for her, however, as all fans of Julia and her husband Alexey Chumakov.

By the way, during the pregnancy, Julia most of all I missed the dance. She has promised that her next music video will definitely dance. “Wildly miss the chance to dance where I want and what I want! Understand that following your music video have to mega dance and break away there!” — recently shared her Julia.