Yulia Khadartseva became a triumphant of the Her book “PRO Money” was named the best publication on the transformation of thinking. Khadartseva became a triumphant of the forum “Man of Affairs” />At the end of December, the opening of the All-Russian professional forum “Man-cases” took place in Moscow. The closed format event brought together outstanding specialists from various fields, company owners, representatives of charitable foundations, private companies, as well as representatives of the educational sector under one roof.

Within the framework of the forum, speakers made presentations on topical issues, networking, where all participants could exchange experiences, ideas and suggestions. The final chord of the meeting was the solemn presentation of thanks for the contribution to this or that area, and among the triumphs of this year, Yulia Khadartseva, Doctor of Psychology, the creator of her own constellation method and the author of two books at once, “PRO Money” and “PRO Sex”, deservedly appeared.

The first book was published in 2020 and became an instant bestseller. In it, Julia provided real evidence of the connection between finance and the tribal system, helped to identify negative attitudes that hinder income growth, and also gave ready-made tools to increase profits. So, thanks to this PRO Money book, everyone was able to reach a high income doing what they love. jpg” alt=”Yulia Khadartseva became a triumphant of the “Man of Affairs” forum” />

And it is precisely for this work that the author of scientific articles and Doctor of Psychology at the international level PhD Yulia Khadartseva became the winner of the All-Russian professional forum “Man-cases”, and her publication “PRO Money” was declared “The Best Book on Financial Thinking 2022” ”.

By the way, this is not the first achievement of Yulia Khadartseva, noted by the general public. So in 2021, she set a world record for the duration of constellations. The psychologist conducted a constellation in a group of more than 100 people, which lasted 26 hours and 15 minutes. As a result, the participants in the process changed their scenarios of behavior in relation to the family system, solved life problems and received ready-made answers to reach a new level in all areas.

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