Yulia Efremenkova will demand child support from Mondesir After parting, Yulia Efremenkova and Mondesir decided to maintain a good relationship for the sake of the children .

Yulia Efremenkova will demand alimony from Mondesir At first they really succeeded They spent time together and took care of the children. But recently there was a quarrel between the former lovers, during which Mondesir raised his hand to Julia. She did not remain silent and told subscribers about this, adding that this was not the first time this had happened. Now Efremenkova intends to change her attitude towards the former.

Yulia Efremenkova will demand alimony from Mondesir

“I don't have the task of telling the children that the father is bad and setting them against their father – the sons will grow up and draw their own conclusions! I have the task of making our communication with him safer, now I want to regulate the permissible framework for communication between Mondesir and children, and between me and Mondesir, and, of course, apply for alimony, since, again, no one appreciated that I pulled everything myself! – said the former member of “House-2”.

She does not want her children to watch their parents' fights from childhood, even though they have already had to do this.

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