Yulia Beretta told about the fight with Andrei Gubin

Юлия Беретта рассказала о ссоре с Андреем Губиным While the artists do not it turns out fruitful cooperation. Yulia Beretta turned to his old friend that he wrote her a song. However, while Andrey Gubin does not hurry to fulfill the request of the singer.

The former soloist of group “Arrows” Yulia Beretta started working with Andrei Gubin in 2005. The musician wrote the songs for the artist and became her sound-producer. Some time, fans suspected that between them struck up a romance. Celebrities have denied the rumors, only a few years later admitted that they were doing more than just friendship. Andrey Gubin and Yulia Beretta reunited

In 2011, Yulia is married and has suspended cooperation with Andrew. Recently, however, she again turned to him for help in writing songs. But this time, a friend of her was disappointed – still, the artist received not the promise.

“Now I am in the process of preparing a musical surprise, namely the song I wrote this summer. It was in Sochi I flew to Gubin to discuss creative plans. Andrew invited me to his place, so I’m not distracted. It is no secret that he is very selfish and likes to be paying much attention. And I tried to give it to him. But today, he never wrote me a song. In addition, we again had a little fight,” admitted Julia.

The actress said that for a long time after he left the band searched for new musical image. To her surprise songs that were written for her Gubin, did not have a proper success. However, Beretta is not upset, because now her family first, and only then implementation in various projects. Yulia Beretta for the first time became a mother

Despite the fact that now “Arrow” continue to speak out, Julia does not intend to join the team. Moreover, she wonders how the participants can play the hits “You left me” and “At the party” if the copyrights to them belong to her.

“But I think that after all the “Arrows” young and crazy “guys from our yard”, and we all have grown out of this image. As for the songs, someone else’s creativity I am not going to evaluate today in my playlist other music sounds”, said Julia with edition Woman.ru.

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