Yulia Beretta showed rounded tummy

Юлия Беретта показала округлившийся животик The ex-soloist of “Arrows” struck fans touching photo. Yulia Beretta published a picture, which catches the eye of her interesting position. In the signature of the artist explained when he was done the frame.

      Yulia Beretta gave his fans a big surprise. The singer and actress has published in his microblog touching photo. In the picture star charming smiles in front of the camera. Through her dress visible distinctly rounded tummy.

      Some fans of the actress rather amazed her portrait, and they thought that she is again in an interesting position. However, Julia herself dispelled all speculations by making the caption to the photo. “My last fall” – has explained eks-the participant of group “Arrows”.

      “My star girl! Love you”, “Pupienus”, “Oh! This tubby,” commented the followers of the stars.

      It is interesting that Julia first became a mother in October last year. 36-year-old star named the baby the name of the noble Vladimir. By the way, the information about the boy’s father, the artist keeps a secret. Singer in General is stealth. Beretta thoroughly protects them from the unwanted attention of the elect. Julia not only advertise the name of the man she loved, she also appears with him on any social events. Surrounded by the stars says he is a successful businessman.

      It should be noted that motherhood has greatly changed Beretta. Now she had an additional incentive to build a career and be creative. The singer came out of the decree a few weeks after birth. She took part in a Grand concert. In addition, Julia is working on her acting. She plays in different movies.

      The only thing now missing star is the lack of sleep. “Then you can sleep as you want, but now a dream – unattainable luxury! Build it in minutes like beads!” – shares in fans it.