Yulia Beretta accepts congratulations with the birthday of the son

Юлия Беретта принимает поздравления с днем рождения сына Heir star turned six months. Yulia Beretta for the first time became a mother for exactly six months ago. The actress and singer feels great happiness from motherhood and is not shy to share them with his fans.

      Юлия Беретта принимает поздравления с днем рождения сына

      Ex-member of the group “Arrows” Yulia Beretta today has a special reason to celebrate. 36-year-old star six months ago for the first time became a mother. Today the son of the singer and actress was six months. The baby, who was named a noble by the name Vladimir, healthy and happy. He said the may day holidays with the family, and most importantly – with him mom. In order to spend time with her son, Julia refused any intervention and gastroli these days.

      “Today is six months since we met… happy birthday, my angel! Grow smart, healthy and happy! You’re the best son in the world! Thank you for choosing us!” he shared his happiness, the star of the social network.

      “Julia! Congratulations to your family with such a wonderful day! Let it grow healthy, happy, smart and happy parents let their achievements and discoveries”, “Grow healthy! Most importantly, Yay Love you!” – glad for my pet and her family are fans.

      Interestingly, the name of the father of the child Yulia Beretta keeps secret. The singer generally different stealth. She carefully protects from the unwanted attention of the elect. Not only that, the star does not advertise the name of the man she loved, she appears with him at social events. Rumor has it that he is a successful businessman.

      It is noteworthy that, originally, Beretta had planned to give birth in Spain, where she was vacationing last summer with my family. However, after some thought, it became clear that in this case it is necessary to stay in a European country for at least another month after the birth of his son. Moreover, exchange rates against the ruble were not profitable. But most importantly, Julia did not want for the long term to part with their closest relatives who would be unable her to keep the company in a warm country. The singer does not regret his decision – the birth went well in Russia.

      We will remind, Yulia Beretta remembered as a member of the gold structure of group “Arrows” hits which resounded throughout the country in the nineties. At the beginning of the two thousandth, the singer left the band and started a solo career.

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