Yulia Baranovskaya was under attack

Юлия Барановская подверглась хакерской атаке
The TV presenter has become the victim of fraud.

Julia Baranovskaya

Photo: @ygemini Instagram Yulia Baranovskaya

Julia Baranovska joined the ranks of the hacked stars. TV presenter for a few hours of lost furrows of the Board on its own page in social networks. As told to Julia, she was under attack, but eventually managed to find a way out of the situation and pull your blog out of the hands of cyber-scams.

“My dear, I know that you got me lost yesterday. My account really was unavailable for 15 hours. And, you know, gets pretty annoying when you lose the main channel of communication with your subscribers. But, thank God, turned out to be close friends and team that gave the correct professional advice, and account access was restored. I’m with you again. Thanks to all who have helped in this case! It is really very important for me,” shared Julia.

Meanwhile, the Network has been simmering scandal, demanding the audience to dismiss the Baranovsky and Alexander Gordon from the First channel. Broadcasters are against animal welfare activists who came to the indignation after the airing of the episode “Male/Female” on the resident of the Moscow region, was shot on the Playground the dog. It is worth noting that this story is very ambiguous: the man says that the gun was starting, and the dog allegedly aggressive. Witnesses also claim that the animal attacked children. The leading show — Alexander and Julia allowed herself a few careless comments on the topic of homeless animals living in the city, for what audiences now require to dismiss them. A petition with this requirement, signed for slightly less than 20 thousand people.