Yulia Baranovskaya tired of the glamour and pathos

Юлия Барановская устала от гламура и пафоса
The presenter came to the show of new collection from a extravagant designer.

Юлия Барановская устала от гламура и пафоса

Victoria Chertikova, Julia Baranovskaya and Tatyana Tereshina

Credit: courtesy of the organizers of the event

Yulia Baranovskaya Elena borscheva and decided to maintain the motto of one of the most extravagant Russian designers, Victoria Certini: “We are against the glamour of pathos.” Putting aside all the cases, they came to showing a new collection of fashion designer in the restaurant “Cloud”. “Every girl in shower “teen” or wants her to be. Now the glamour and
Paphos recede into the background and they are replaced by natural and
the naturalness, ” says Chertanovo. And we want to spend “an era of glamour and pathos” of this
collection. In this collection I can make out the species and subspecies heifers,
therefore, the show itself is divided into three sections: swimwear, casual,
evening dresses. The entire collection is imbued with banter, it has attracted a lot of
of humor”.

Elena Borschev and Victoria Chertanovo

Credit: courtesy of the organizers of the event

It is noteworthy that the screening was timed to the birthday of the designer, consequently the girl
received not only came to see the show, but the mountain of flowers and

Recall Chertanovo Victoria has long won the hearts of many local celebrities, giving them exclusive outfits. She holds the honorary title of best designer of 2014, according to the version of fashion TV channel Fashion TV, winner of “”Fashion New Year Awards 2016 nomination for “best showroom” and simply charming girl with a terrific sense of humor.

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