Yulia Baranovskaya said about your man

Юлия Барановская рассказала о своем избраннике
The presenter is going to marry a non-public man.

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Although Baranovskaya broke up with her civil husband Andrey Arshavin, five years ago, and since then the football player got married and his wife is expecting a child, Yulia just now decided to establish a personal life and started talking about marriage.

“In my life very soon major changes will occur, — told the TV presenter. That’s for sure. I will say more, they could have happened six months ago, but then I still wasn’t ready. And now I have a hunch that
soon my life will be my beloved man, I will come quickly
marry, must be a white dress, and I am having a fourth child”.

Baranovskaya even knows what will be her choice.

“I’m sure my husband will be a non-public person — said Julia. — And how many of you will be able to call long
happy marriages in which both husband and wife of famous people. I just
understand how much would have to invest in that relationship, what
compromises to go. Despite the fact that we still have to deal with children and work
six months later, I just “grunted” would be… you Know, a friend I often this question is asked: “Well, you found someone?” I usually answer favorite story about mushrooms: here, for example, I went into the forest, see the side of the trail — maybe the white mushroom and can be a stinker, just the sun is so illuminated, I do not understand. I’ll deviate from the chosen path, spend time, picks, dirty hands, and, if it is a grebe, it turns out that all in vain. While my path will certainly be mushrooms, and I turned from the road. So let the white mushroom will find me. And actually, I think it will be truffle (Laughs).

The full interview can be read here.